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The CSTA San Diego Board thanks all the presenters and teachers for the time, energy, and effort in making the Happy Hour Series spectacular! We hope to reconvene again this July.
Past Topics Archive: 
5/28/2020: "Coding and Flying through Ceilings" by Anushka Gupta, NCWIT Aspire IT Award Winner. Video here. 
5/21/2020: "Working with Cybersecurity" by Megan Kline and Jennifer Cheung, Cyber Research Scientists, NWIC Pacific. Video here.
5/8/2020: "The use of geospatial technology during COVID-19" by Garry Burgess, Manager of Software Development, ESRI. Video here. 
5/1/2020: "Teaching Cybersecurity + Competition" by Tara Taylor, CS Teacher at Eastlake Middle School. Video here. 

AI Open Learning Platform:

Open Learning is a free, adaptable, classroom-based AI curriculum that empowers high school teachers to bring AI education to their classrooms. The curriculum is written for high school teachers to implement in a variety of ICT classroom settings. All curriculum is approachable for people without programming backgrounds and is available at

Free Open Learning curriculum materials are available as well as a community of practice from AI4All! , Curriculum slides are available for downloading and participants can join the AI4All teacher Slack channel. Here is a short flyer about how to access AI4ALL Open Learning through the platform and information on how to get in touch regarding the Slack channel and downloadable slides:  All materials are still available on the platform, but since COVID-19 has moved classrooms online, teachers requested that it would be easier to access the curriculum via downloadable slides (to incorporate into their own Google Classrooms or other online classroom formats).
A one hour Zoom meeting will be held Friday May 15th starting at 12pm PDT to discuss the materials, taking questions, and providing feedback on what is working and what isn’t (see attached flyer “teacher meetup”)
You can register here and a Zoom link will be provided:

HP CodeWars Opening Up Competition:

Notice has been given that the yearly CodeWars Competition has been opened up to expand the contest due to moving online. Write to Ken Duisenberg  before May 8 to get registered. Attached is a description of how the contest operates.

DoD Offering To Pay for Two Years of College for New Hires in Cyber and STEM

In exchange for a four-year commitment to working in Cyber Security and STEM fields, the Department of Defense will cover two years of college expense and offer the chance to work with an industry partner under a new bipartisan bill in Congress. See this article for details:

Free Online Cyber Security Curriculum from the National Cyber Security Training and Education Center (CyberWatch West):

Several complete lessons are available at including Information Security and The CIA Triad, Personal Data Vulnerabilities, Identity Authentication and Authorization and Steganography. Readers may know the Center by its old name which was CyberWatch West. Originally focused on increasing the quantity and quality of the cybersecurity workforce throughout the western United States. In July of 2013, Whatcom Community College became the lead institution for the center. Following years of success, CyberWatch West was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to serve as a National Cyber Resource Center in 2018. In 2019 the name was changed to the National Cybersecurity Training & Education Center (NCyTE). Now their mission has expanded to a national scale.

4/23/2020: "Strategies for Engaging Girls and Minorities in CS + AI Machine Learning" by Douglas Kiang Video here.  

4/16/2020: Community Care and Share!

4/9/2020: "Zoombombing English Class and Other Fun Online Activities" by Stephen Cerruti Video here. 
4/2/2020: "The Structures and Rhythm of Online Teaching" CSTA San Diego Shared Resources. Read more here. 
3/26/2020: "Social Distancing Simulation/Visualization in Java using AP CSA Concepts" from Mr. Domingo David at Westview High School. Video here