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Posted on Dec 07, 2019
CSTA San Diego Chapter is looking for new Board Members for the following offices:
  • Vice President
  • Elementary Grades Representative
  • Secondary Grades Representative
  • At Large/Industry
  • Higher Ed/Community College Representative
You do not need to submit nominations for each office, and self-nominations are welcomed! Nominations will close on January 31, 2020 at 11:59pm PT. 
Please submit your nominations here!
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Posted on Dec 07, 2019
Computer Science Education Week is December 9-15th, 2019!
Use #CSforSD to share out your projects and activities. Want your story featured on our website? Email CSTA San Diego Chapter Board Member, Anthonette (anthonettep at gmail.com)
Know anyone that wants to host an Hour of Code and needs help? Please share the Hour of Code slide deck with your colleagues! 
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Posted by Anthonette Pena on Nov 12, 2019
Have you considered adding computer science into your elementary classroom? This webinar will showcase how three teachers incorporate CS from different teaching roles in a school and district.  CS for All Teachers Community Ambassador and elementary school teacher, Lisa Rode, will facilitate a discussion with fellow teachers Pete Cookson, Michelle Crabill, and Janice Years looking at the variety of ways and perspectives CS can be incorporated into the elementary curriculum. The webinar will not only include lesson ideas and strategies, but a look at the physical setup of rooms, and consider how to organize materials, and what types of materials are needed to teach CS in the elementary grades. Join us at 7:30pm ET/ 4:30pm PT to learn more, ask questions and share your experiences.   Access the meeting room here: http://air.adobeconnect.com/lisa/ Audio information will appear once you've entered the meeting room. Choose dial-out for the best audio experience, or you may listen via computer speaker.
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Posted on Nov 12, 2019
Hour of Code is an opportunity for each and every student to try computer science for one hour, yet did you know you can also teach computer science activities all year-round? Join this engaging block party webinar to discover, learn and celebrate new ideas of classroom-inspired CS activities to encourage collaboration and creativity amongst your K-8th grade students. Our collaborative group of dynamic STEM educators will model and highlight easy-to-replicate no-tech, low-tech, and advanced-tech K-8 CS activities to integrate coding and robotics learning experiences into your everyday teaching practices. Many CS templates and tools will be provided, so you can try out these new ideas in your classroom tomorrow. And, best yet…. You will get immediate access to FREE “Hour of Code†  computer science resources from some of your favorite coding and robotic educational providers!!! So come and join us at this “Hour of Code Block Party†on Dec. 3rd at 7:30PM EST! K-8 classroom teachers, tech teachers, media specialists, and librarians, as well as tech coordinators and curriculum leads will benefit from this recorded CS for All Teachers webinar! About Your Facilitators: Naomi Harm is a CS for All Ambassador, LEGO Master Educator, and STEM Innovation Specialist. Angie Kalthoff is Program Manager at Early Childhood Technology Tufts University. Jon Samuelson is a Middle Educator Technology Integration Coach at Beaverton, OR schools.   Access the meeting room here: http://air.adobeconnect.com/naomi/  Audio information will appear once you've entered the meeting room. Choose dial-out for the best audio experience, or you may listen via computer speaker.
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Posted on Oct 09, 2019
CREATE at UC San Diego and Code.org Regional Partnership Program are hosting two free workshops this month!
  • October 26, 2019: Computer Science Fundamentals Intro Workshop
    • This workshop is for any elementary school teachers who want to learn how to teach computer science to their students. 
    • Register HERE
  • October 30, 2019: Administrator + Counselor Workshop 
    • Presented by Minh Mai and Dr. Susan Yonezawa from CREATE at UC San Diego. This is for any district leaders/administrators/counselor interested in bringing computer science to their school. Get the facts, figures and best practices!
    • Register HERE

Food and coffee will be provided at both workshops! Enroll today to guarantee your spot! 
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Posted on Oct 09, 2019
Please take 5 minutes to complete this survey to indicate what needs you see for the California Department of Education Educator Workforce Investment Grant (EWIG) Program.  They are specifically asking about Computer Science (after the first few general questions).

Our input will inform the kinds of programs they fund -- which could be ones that we (collectively) could get funded to implement!

Please provide your insight on not only what would support you, but also support new CS teachers.  Some concerns we (CREATE at UC San Diego) see are:
  • the need for access to scalable, quality, flexible CS content PD resources and 
  • support for long-term (not just a week, or a week a year) teacher CS content knowledge development.
More about the EWIG program here.
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Posted on Oct 09, 2019
It’s award season at CSTA and we’re excited about all of the great opportunities to acknowledge the hard work of students, teachers, and organizations who are doing amazing things in the computer science space.
  • The Champions of Computer Science Awards identify and promote students, teachers, administrators, and organizations who have made a significant impact to improve access to and the quality of CS education. These awards are presented by CSTA and Code.org. Nominations are due Oct. 21, 2019.
  • The ACM/CSTA Cutler-Bell Prize in High School Computing is a prize designed to recognize talented high school students intending to continue their higher education in the areas of computer science or technology. The program seeks to promote and encourage the field of computer science, as well as to empower young and aspiring learners to pursue computing challenges outside of the traditional classroom environment. Applications close on Jan. 12, 2020.  
  • The CS Teaching Excellence Awards, sponsored by CSTA and Infosys Foundation USA, are designed to recognize outstanding teaching by K–12 computer science teachers. Winners demonstrate their excellent work inspiring students to explore the computer science field; effectively engage students in learning rigorous, standards-aligned, computer science content; and a focus on broadening participation of underrepresented students in computing. Applications open the spring of 2020.
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Posted on Oct 09, 2019
Learn to teach Computer Science in K-12.  These courses are designed specifically for TEACHERS and address knowledge and skills covered in the CSTA Computer Science Standards.  From Impacts of Computing to Programming, to the Internet – learn not just the content but also engage with and create materials to use in your classroom.   More and more states are allowing Computer Science to count for high school graduation.  As of 2019, in California, it can count as a C or D requirement — more students than ever will be looking for computing courses.  You can be the one to teach them!
For more information, visit: https://csteachers.ucsd.edu/
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Posted on Oct 03, 2019
CSTA San Diego wants to help you celebrate CS Education Week! 
Need help planning? Want to bring in a guest speaker? Interested in volunteering? Fill out this outreach interest form and CSTA San Diego will put you in touch with the right people based on your needs! Also stay tuned for more announcements from CSTA-SD and CREATE later this month! 
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Posted on Oct 02, 2019
Interested in connecting your current students to your alumni? (or maybe you already do!) Learn about resources available to teachers and administrator though the Alumni Toolkit! Limited spaces available at NO COST for the 2019-20 school year!
For more information, complete this google form.
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Apply for a $500 Teacher Grant! (Due October 18!) Anthonette Pena 2019-10-02 07:00:00Z 0
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Posted by CSTA on Mar 14, 2019
Teachers Corri-Anne Burgess at Kearny SCT, Jim Jenkins at Crawford, and Ray Kinne at San Diego Business have earned the first College Board AP® Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science Principles.
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Posted by CSTA on Mar 14, 2019

Get ready for another exciting meeting with CSTA!
Mingle and network with colleagues teaching computing across San Diego!


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