Funded by UC San Diego Social Sciences Climate Action Lab, this pilot project advances the recommendations of the UC-CSU ECCLPS (Environmental and Climate Change Literacy Project and Summit) to educate all California students about climate change and climate solutions.

About Us

Launched in late spring 2020, this pilot project, based at UC San Diego, aspires to be a model for connecting K12, university, and community, ultimately in service of climate action and climate justice. The UC-CSU ECCLPS initiative (Environment and Climate Change Literacy Project and Summit) has inspired and informed the direction of Climate Champions. Reciprocally, this project seeks to inform the statewide scaleup of climate education, showing how the ECCLPS recommendations can be put into action, leveraging state university systems to support curriculum development, pre-service and in-service teachers. 

Summit 2021 - May 22, 2021

ClimateChampions held a virtual summit, inviting panelists, guest teachers, and youth leaders to provide valuable information to the San Diego community. Events include: opportunities to connect with other climate champions before the summit, learning about ClimateChampions curriculum and resources, and forging valuable connections with other community organizations!