Posted by CSTA on Mar 14, 2019

Get ready for another exciting meeting with CSTA!
Mingle and network with colleagues teaching computing across San Diego!


Agenda Overview

AP CSP counting as a D Lab Science (3rd year recommended credit)
Announcement of AP CS A counting as a C Math (4th-year credit)
Call for presenting at 2019-20 CSTA meetings Board Status
Call for new CSTA-SD board members for 2019-2020

**Honoring College Board Female Diversity Award Winners: Corri-Anne Burgess, Ray Kinne, and Jim Jenkins.
Diversity Award Winners will discuss recruiting strategies for women.

**Coding Clubs Community Service ProgramNational School District and Sweetwater High School

**Internet of Things or Wearable Tech, John Ottia
**Play Potato Pirates Coding Game (No computer needed)