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Message from Dr. Nan Renner, Climate Champions Director:

Esteemed CS Educators,

The Climate Champions team at UC San Diego is pleased to share a new open-source high school curriculum designed for use in AP Computer Science Principles, Data Science, Math and Science classes.

Climate Change, Data Science, and Computing, a unit with five lessons, addresses essential themes such as generating knowledge from data, big data, use of algorithms, and crowdsourcing. A sixth lesson, under development, will focus on climate models.

We invite teachers to review and comment on the curriculum (sign up here) and also to field test with students and provide feedback (sign up here). We offer gift cards to reviewers and testers as an expression of gratitude.

Tremendous thanks to CS teacher Aletia Trepte, who wrote the curriculum, and climate scientist Yassir Eddebbar, who provided subject matter expertise. Minh Mai, Cheryl Peach, and Shirley Miranda advised.

Responding to climate change will require all hands on deck. Computing is a powerful and necessary tool to help us understand, mitigate, and adapt to a warming planet.

Drawing from Kelley Le’s Teaching Climate Change for Grades 6-12: Climate change is happening now, affecting people here and around the world.

Human activity is the primary cause. Scientific evidence is clear, overwhelming, and undeniable.

We have solutions. We need to take urgent action We can do this!!!

Take a look at Climate Change, Data Science, and Computing below.

Please consider reviewing, field testing, and using with your students!

View the Climate Change, Data Science, and Computing Unit

We're looking for willing CSP teachers to review and give input on the lessons and possibly use the lessons as part of their curriculum so to bring climate change awareness to students, teachers, and the local community. We need teachers to review it. Will you sign up?

Teachers that do a review of the pilot curriculum will get a gift card!

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